Mushroom machinery

Hoving Holland manufactures custom build machines for mushroom treatment.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more specific information.

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Phase I equipment

Phase I Mixing line lay-out Mushroom culture
Phase I Mixing line lay-out
Bale dunking Mushroom culture
Bale dunking
Transport line straw bales Mushroom culture
Transport line straw bales
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Phase II-III equipment

Tunnel winch Mushroom culture
Tunnel winch
Phase II-III lay-out Mushroom culture
Phase II-III lay-out
Central conveyor Mushroom culture
Central conveyor
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Filling/emptying equipment

Filling/emptying lay-out Mushroom culture
Filling/emptying lay-out
Head filling machine Mushroom culture
Head filling machine
Pulling winch Mushroom culture
Pulling winch

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